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Never Forget 2021. Black Wall Street. An American Nightmare ….

From Babylon to Timbuktu!

“But because I, Adonai, do not change, you sons of Ya‘akov will not be destroyed."

- Malachi 3:6

A new report calculates that median wealth for black Americans will fall to $0 by 2053, if current trends continue. Latino-Americans, who are also experiencing a sustained downward wealth slide, will hit $0 about two decades later, according to the study by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies.

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Our love for our neighbors and communities has helped us reach people from around the world, and our decentralized approach to reaching the diaspora has enabled us to work without added overheads to get the message out about Timbuktu’s Spiritual & Intellectual Genius in human history. Each one reach one!

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